I’m getting an Olympus C-3030Z. My C-2000Z was recently in the repair center to get a replacement directional button, and while doing the work, the Olympus technician damaged the CCD, LCD viewfinder, and the standard viewfinder. Because of this, strange pixels were showing up in all my pictures, my lcd screen had bad pixels, and the viewfinder had debris inside.

Needless to say, I spent a very long time on the phone trying to correct the situation. Since they were all out of C-2000Zs, I had to upgrade. I chose the C-3030Z, and it’s costing me $600 extra.

A bad situation (broken camera) has turned out to be somewhat benefitial,as now I get a better camera and can postpone purchasing a new one for a bit. *grin*

New pictures will start showing up soon, as long as the new camera works. Oh, and I guess I have to update my “Photos” icon at the top of the page soon. (^: