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Sunday, August 20th, 2000

Yes, you can now search the news here. Thanks to David (aka Technoir), as I based my searching functions off the stuff he did for Trae.

At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

Wednesday, August 16th, 2000

I’m currently at Linuxworld Conference & Expo. Trae is here and has been taking pictures of the show floor. Check ’em out.

Two new sets of images!

Thursday, August 10th, 2000

Two new sets of photos — both from the same morning! First, since I woke up early, I decided to take some pictures of the sunrise around the lake. Afterward, I drove around a bit and found a neat waterfall area. Enjoy the pics!

Truckee River

Thursday, August 10th, 2000

Well, last Saturday, I went to take pictures and ended up photographing the Truckee river.

View the pics.


Sunday, August 6th, 2000

Galeon is a nice browser for Gnome using the GTK+ toolkit. It has all the basics, and it’s really fast. How have they made so much headway so quickly? It embeds the Mozilla browser using "gtkmozembed".

Anyway, I managed to compile this by extracting the headers from Mozilla and by doing a few other things. I took all the stuff and packaged it into a tarball which you can download if you are interested. This is the CVS version, as of today.

Instructions: Make sure you grab a recent copy of Mozilla (M16 or later), and extract it in ~/mozilla/ (this will make the ~/mozilla/package/ subdir). Download and extract the Galeon package I made today. Enter the Galeon directory, and type "./buildme", then follow the directions (you might want to do a ‘make install’ as well; this should install it in /usr/local/). Make sure you export the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME dir, as the script says, and after it is all compiled and installed, run "galeon".

Note: If you use M16, then you’ll get GTK+ scrollbars. If you use a nightly, it will render faster and better. I personally use nightlies w/ Galeon.

PS: By-the-way: If you run "cvs -z3 up -Pd" in the galeon directory, then it should fetch the latest from cvs later on. *grin*


Tuesday, August 1st, 2000

Just wait until you see the flyers for at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. I was finishing them up today. They are going to rock! Make sure you stop by the booth at the show. It’s barely two weeks away now.