New version of LinuxArt!

You’re looking at the new and improved version of I finally mustered together a couple of hours to update the thing, and here’s the result.

In addition to an improved interface, you also have the infamous feature of posting comments, thanks to a bit of recycled code (thanks Trae!) and a bunch of my hackery! (:

Enjoy the site, post comments, have fun, etc.


8 Responses to “New version of LinuxArt!”

  1. Garrett says:

    CSS and such

    Just a little fyi: I made extensive use of CSS for making the site. It really rocks in Mozilla. It should also be compatible with Netscape, IE, etc. as well. Of course, Netscape 4.x users will see a little bit of funkiness (as Netscape 4.x’s CSS support sucks), but the site still displays.

    That being said, I’m probably going to implement browser detection and feed Netscape some tables in replacements, similar to what I did with

    Anyway, I hope you like the site. *grin*

  2. influx says:


    Very cool, looks great in my default browser (mozilla)! Keep up the good work!

  3. PhantomData says:

    New Site

    I’ve always loved your site Garett. This one really rocks. However, I believe the banner should have some closure on it, like a border or something… it just doesn’t fit in the way that it is. Also, on my monitor I see a slightly different black extending to the right and left of the banner, than I do on the bottom and top. Intentional?
    Also, will you ever post the source for the site? I would love to see how you did your commenting system. Or, at least be able to see your .gvimrc (that thing kicks ass! I’ve been trying to mimick it for eons now…).
    Uh… one more thing… I can’t seem to hit enter right now, and create a new line.(more specifically, it erases this whole paragaph until I hit back-space to remove that new-line) Did you use some java finagling to get the onfocus bg’s on these text fields? Perhaps it need work… The site rocks, Good job man!!

  4. Garrett says:

    Re: New Site

    Thanks for your compliments.

    The comment stuff is purely forms. If you are seeing the focus thing, it’s done by CSS, and, iirc, Mozilla is the only one that supports it as a visual element.

    You can, of course, turn off "convert new lines to HTML" and insert HTML tags for a somewhat similar effect, but that doesn’t totally address the problem. As far as I know, there should be no inherent issues with the form (after all, it’s just a form), which leads me to believe that it is possibly the browser.

    What browser (and version) are you using? Could you take a screenshot (so that I can possibly address your other concern about the title image).

    BTW: I place my configs (including my .vimrc and .gnome/Terminal files) within my file dirs, specifically in the config subdirectory (had a few in the "files" subdir before). (:

  5. Trae says:

    Great work… but.

    I like the site, love the fact I can do comments, but… I’m suprised that you, with all your graphics skills, it is such a lame title image 🙂

  6. PhantomData says:


    Sorry for the latency. A screenshot is up at I’m using a nightly of Mozilla ,from around January. Still, I don’t know if the discoloration was intentional or not. Also… can you think of a reason why Apache won’t let me use your .htaccess? It says error 500, and /var/log… reports that "HeaderName not allowed here"… yet, I’ve enabled the allow overide all option in the httpd.conf… any thoughts?(aside from my inability to see more than 5 words that I’m typing…)

  7. ez3k1el says:

    This looks cool

    Dang you garret. your pages are simply looking too cool ;). they remind me of LiNUX.COM a bit…btw there seems to be a bug in the misc files dir. the width is too big for my res…for some reason.
    see me @ home
    ez3k1el’s home

  8. Garrett says:

    changing the title image

    The line was intentional, but I’m changing it as seems to be construed as broken. (:

    I’m also going to change the title image.