Updated the title image

I’ve updated the title image. This one is better. I’m sure I’ll probably change it again soon.


4 Responses to “Updated the title image”

  1. trae says:


    Dude, You are a great artist… and this is the best thing you can come up with? This looks like a propaganda tile and dynamic text met each other in the hallway. Heh… give us something cool… wow us. Make us drool on ourselves like we know you can do. 🙂

  2. garrett says:


    Nah, it’s actually a photo inversed with Gimp freetype text. Plus, I have to have time to do something. This is an intermediate step. You’ve got to admit it is at least better. (:

  3. bfordham says:

    Ah, lighten up

    Not everything has to be Gee! Wow! Cool! Clean, and you know what the heck it is. No worries.

  4. mooooks says:


    Yup everything looks nice.

    The logo sucks. Lose the banner-ad type thing.
    Make it integrate nicely into the stuff under it.
    You can do this nicely by moving the top links bar
    to the right column, and making a l33t34234234234 logo 🙂

    /me watches garrett go back to work.