More Title Modifications

Yes, I’ve updated the title image again. Hopefully most will see this as an improvement (hi Trae!).

As always, I will probably never be done messing with it. *grin*


5 Responses to “More Title Modifications”

  1. Trae says:


    Now that’s getting a bit more like it. Even if it looks like a napster logo 😉
    /me runs

  2. garrett says:

    napster logos

    mmmmmm…. an almost-napster logo

  3. it rules(PhantomData) says:

    It rules

    Now way, it rules. It has that elite old-sk00l feel that so few people look for now-a-days. Keep on rocking Garrett! We love you!

    Btw, I think an option to include a home-page url on this feedback form would be positive. 🙂

  4. Ryan Zygar says:

    remains me of

    I like it but I know you can do better. It reminds me of the title for tigerts site. Anyhow still better than me with the sorry xfs font support I am using. I like the logo that ravskel has on his site for inspiration. Later. -Z

  5. Jordan Cox says:


    Hmm… I believe that Garrett had a banner similar to that, a long time ago. Something with a flower, back in the day when he had a dashed-off bar on the LEFT hand side of the screen (phew, look at us now… all on the RIGHT side of the screen, man… what were thinking back then…). 🙂 I just thought that I’d point out the possible falacy in thinking Garrett should draw insp. from ravskel, when I’d wager ravskel drew insp. from Garrett.

    /me takes a breath and runs.

    [btw, the check box for Convert new lines to HTML appears on the line BEFORE the text ‘Convert new lines to HTML’… it took me a second to figure out what the check-box was for.]