New Photo Gallery Stuff!

I updated the way you view my photo gallery. In addition to making it look nicer, I also added loads of new features, and hopefully have drastically improved the usability. In addition, it should prove to be more fun to browse the pics as well.

It’s an overhaul, but it’s great! Check it out!


2 Responses to “New Photo Gallery Stuff!”

  1. lang says:


    This is *really* nice… and your photos are great!

    /me runs off to make his own version.. šŸ˜‰

  2. mooks says:

    nice going!

    hi garrett

    the gallery arragement looks better now. one thing which you have to fix is the border color in IE… it doesn’t present the border style for images with links (yet-another-crappy-IE-bug) so there’s a blue border. if you can afford to lose the hover color-change in mozilla, cut the border style from the LT-A-GT and put it in the LT-IMG-GT. that works for IE.

    the photos absolutely rock! penguins == *mmmmmmmmm*.
    ttyl when i get back.