A Cool Weather Pic

So I was visiting the weather details for today and with a couple of clicks, I found a really cool picture. Anyway, I thought it was cool enough to post a news item about. Too bad Yahoo doesn’t have a larger version linked from their site… the picture really rocks.

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2 Responses to “A Cool Weather Pic”

  1. Scott says:

    Yeah, Yahoo photos are nice

    I visit Yahoo! news a lot and check out the daily pic. They always have really amazing pictures they get from the A.P. The only bad part is, that their small. Oh well, its a glance into places we’ll maybe never go to. 🙂

  2. Duncan says:

    Hola from HK

    Hey Garrett!

    I’m from Hong Kong and I’m *in* Hong Kong right now!

    It’s been raining a lot for the past few days, though.