Quick Updates!

Sorry about not posting the fireworks images; I’ll get to that soon. I just wanted to post an item to say that I am here and everything is fine. (:

Something mostly meaningless: I got QuickTime working under Wine without the use of *any* Microsoft code whatsoever (no Windows installed). It works; one can watch movies (even w/ the Sorenson codec stuff), but the player is a bit glitchy. I heard from one of my friends that the QuickTime player is even quirky under Windows, and, yes, even MacOS, so it’s no suprize that it would also be a bit strange under Wine. I do have to say that Wine is a very impressive piece of software.

Also, Linux.com got a few new features, a little bit of scrubbing (revamped icons on the front), and a few other things I changed today. You might want to check it out, and read from the opinion area, as there are quite a few new good articles there.

Anyway, that’s that. I’ll try to post more news items here from now on. (:

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4 Responses to “Quick Updates!”

  1. Anonymous says:


    what version of wine did you use to get that working?!

  2. garret says:

    Wine and stuff

    Well, I used the latest from CVS for that screenshot, but it was working with the last release (iirc). There are some definate drawing problems for the app due to its funky widgets, but hopefully someone will be addressing those. The playback itself is flawless, however.

    As far as suggestions go, I highly reccommend running Wine in desktop mode so that it doesn’t freak out X, as QuickTime under Wine has an affinity to do such. I wish they didn’t take out the ability to select the mode from the command line. You have to set it by the config file now.

    Anyway, it does work… hopefully Avifile or something similar will wrap the basics and seperate the functionality from the horribly aweful frontend.

    Media players should be minimalistic, support rescaling, should have flawless fullscreen (like with hardware scaling as an option as well), seeking, the ability to stream, support plugins for as many media types as it can handle, should be configurable (especially for cpu usage and quality), must support multiple formats, and should be quite robust in error handling.

    Concerning the application’s GUI, it should *not* be skinnable. Skinnability stinks, in my opinion. This should definately not be confused with theming, as the ability to change the look and feel at a system level rocks. Having every app do it seperately in their own weird way and format, however, totally bites. That’s essentially the difference between the two. I actually like consistancy between my software, but I also love the ability to customize.

    Anyway, back to the point. Even if no alternative to playing QuickTime a la Avifile appears, it’s neat to know that Wine by itself does actually support such a weird media app’s installation and most of its functionally (it’s a bit quirky like I stated earlier). This is all without Windows too, mind you. Pure Linux and Wine. Very impressive stuff, and many kudos to those fine Wine developers. (:

  3. Scott says:


    Nice work, I love the new l.c icons! At first when I saw the 2 pennies in the corner I thought it was another advertisement for something, but it isn’t. πŸ™‚

  4. CyBeR says:


    what kind of ‘quirks’ are these? As far as I’m concerned, it works fine under macos.
    I’d like it if they just released a linux version, even if it’s only a powerpc binary πŸ˜‰