So it looks like I’ll be moving really soon. It will be pretty cool, but I won’t have a gorgeous view on the water anymore.

In related news, it looks like both Trae and Tuomas are moving within the same time frame as well. I guess it’s just the time of the year for moving?

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10 Responses to “Moving!”

  1. Trae says:

    Good luck bud.

    hope everything works out for you in your new place.

  2. garrett says:

    Thanks; You Too!

    Thanks, Trae! Ditto to you too! (:

    I’m only myself moving 1/2-way across the city, but you and your family are moving across the country. I hope you find an excellent house and that everything works out great for "y’all"! (:

  3. Bryan Fordham says:

    Where to?

    Where ya moving to? Go too far and I won’t be able to borrow a cup of RAM anymore… 8)

  4. garrett says:

    Moving to…

    I’m moving to a place that’s a little more near the center of Savannah. Not that far really. It means that it will be less of a drive to the SNAFUU (local Savannah area LUG for those who don’t know) meetings. (:

  5. Ezekiel says:

    The moving season "eep"

    Arg, how can you guys work like a clock ;). anyways i am moving also tough that is a fact no one cares to know "probably" or even better no one probably knows who i am,
    garret: still remember me "ez3k1el" at #gimp sometimes like a year ago, i shooted some QNX RTP screenies?
    anyways if you got spare time please see to And good luck in to moving hope all goes well.

  6. CyBeR says:

    speaking of which..

    I saw someone back on vacation in the us wearing a T-shirt that said ‘ezekiel’, exept with some semi-l33t number replacing letters
    was that you or did you steal the name from some(where|thing)? 😉

  7. bio says:


    ezekiel is a skateboard clothing company

  8. Ezekiel says:


    i did not steal anything, i had this name before the whole company started (when i was born)
    Miikka Ezekiel Luotio tough my middle name is something i usually dont tell to everyone, the nick "ez3k1el" that i use simply happens to be because i took it to irc then to multiple places as nick Ezekiel is very common.

  9. Chase says:

    new email address

    Had subscribed to snafuu , changed email addresses. Please send information to re-suscribe. Thanks,Chase