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Terrorism. Eek.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001

Well, I’m sure you all have heard the news about the Trade Center incident in New York and the Pentagon bombing in DC.

I’ve actually been to both places in person and witnessed the impressive structure of the buildings.

As most of the major news sites are down, I’m rounding up a few URLs of related stuff you may have not seen yet.

Three Slashdot stories:one |two |three

Interesting Slashdot comments:Pentagon witness #1 |Pentagon witness #2 news roundup and web-related overview.

Two Salon features:one |two

The St. Petersburg Times has a special feature focusing on the terrorist attacks. has darkened its page in memory of those lost. In addition, there are a few stories there as well.

There are a few up close pictures available of the tragedy, with more to follow at the same URL.

Also a few more pictures are available, from a further distance.

There are even more pictures out there too.

You can also see a doppler view of the smoke and dust cloud over New York City.

Google also has a few links to relevant news stories. Most news sites have been down all day as well, but some are now back up in a limited capacity.

President Bush gave a speech, essentially asking that we all pray for the families of those affected.

Concerning real time events, as they happen, you can hop on IRC. has a few channels set up at the time on this topic: #worldtradecenter #wtc-confirmed #terrorist-moderated. #worldtradecenter was up near 700 people at one point, making it a very large channel for

Also, on Efnet, #news is a popular channel (it was over a thousand people in that one channel when I first joined).

CNN is also getting in on the irc act on — go to #CNN_Newsfeed for closed captioning, or get a channel list for more channels to join.

Please take time to remember those who lost their lives today. A lot of people have been guessing that it may be around ten thousand to fifty thousand or even more. That’s a lot of people. Keep their families in mind as well. Please keep everyone affected in your thoughts and prayers.

New pictures! Forsyth Park!

Thursday, September 6th, 2001

Well, I took these pictures a little while back, and have just uploaded them today. While doing so, I found that the new cable modem here doesn’t have an upload cap of around a 56k modem, so I’m all happy now, as a result. Expect the pictures to flow once more. (:

Forsyth ParkAnd more