Leonid Shower

In case you did not know, or have simply forgotten, the Leonid Meteor Shower is starting tonight. Make sure you get outside, away from city lights, and witness this event! It is supposedly the best since 1966 and will be the most awesome one until 2099. It starts around midnight tonight and lasts until daybreak, EST. Check the times in your area for optimal viewing.

Space.com has more information about the shower.


4 Responses to “Leonid Shower”

  1. Tim Riley says:

    How was it?

    Did anyone get to see it? It was supposedly meant to be quite spectacular where I am (South Australia), but I couldn’t get up at 2am, because I had to do an exam that day :/

  2. Trae says:

    time difference.

    heh, 2am in the US isn’t 2am in Au. πŸ™‚ I don’t think you guys would have been able to see it just because it would have been what… 3pm there? Anyway, it was a spectacular site to behold. πŸ™‚

  3. Scott says:


    You know, my buddy even called me and reminded me about it but where was I? Sitting on my computer all night like always and missed it! πŸ™

  4. Troy Farrell says:


    I saw a load of clouds. It was overcast at 9p and at 4a. No joy here in the middle of the plains (US).