Happy T-Day!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

I had a lot of wonderful food at my parents’ house. I really love the holidays (and every other day) when my mom cooks, as she’s a great chef. Whenever Christmas or Thanksgiving rolls around, and my she is cooking, you know it can’t be beat.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving Day experience?

Feel free to post and discuss.


4 Responses to “Happy T-Day!”

  1. Mike LeSage says:


    I agree, it was great! Now I have to go back to work eating the old Chart House food. When are you coming over again?

  2. Garrett says:


    I’ll be there again soon. There’s still some food waiting for me over at the house. (:

  3. tigert says:

    aliens must feel like this 🙂

    So we had a thanksgiving dinner at Nat’s place and it was great.

    Nat, Miguel and their friend had been cooking, and they put up lots of candles and nice background music. It was one of the best dinners I have had in the US. Also nice to experience the turkey and other traditional thanksgiving food. It is somewhat similar to the stuff we eat on Christmas in Finland, except s/turkey/ham/ but it is made the same way.

    I enjoyed it a lot.

  4. Troy Farrell says:

    I cooked.

    I know none of these people!
    I cooked at my mom’s challenge. It went quite well, with Emeril’s pepper-stuffed turkey recipe. Nothing says moist bird like 1.5 lbs of butter 🙂