New Photos & Archive Gallery Updates!

I took a ton of pictures of the downtown area yesterday. They’re now available here on the site in the Walkabout photo archive gallery.

Also, I have updated my photo archive gallery with various new features and modified layouts. In addition to sporting a few new spiffy tweaks, it has multi-page support. Because of this, I have grouped the multi-part photo galleries into one per set. There is an included link to view all the thumbnails at once as well, for those of you who want it.

Enjoy the latest photos: Walkabout

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7 Responses to “New Photos & Archive Gallery Updates!”

  1. linuxuser says:

    Photo gallery

    Nice photo gallery, I would really like to know what you are using to make that gallery, I think you used to use imgconvert, or something like that, but that doesn’t look the old one.

  2. garrett says:

    re: photo gallery

    It’s my photo gallery, which I wrote using PHP. It’s not available, yet, at least.

  3. Rob says:

    let it free

    So let it free so we can all hack on it. It’s beautiful stuff. 🙂

  4. garrett says:


    It’s not ready yet. I’m sure people would love to tell me that it is a mess. There is no documentation for it yet, so I’d have to work on that, too.

    Maybe soon, but not right now.

  5. Scott says:

    Boxcar Harry??

    Okay, who the heck is boxcar Harry? Is it that fellow sitting down at the end of your pictures? Did that man just let you come up and take pictures of him? Hehe, he didn’t look to happy.

  6. garrett says:

    re: boxcar harry??

    Boxcar Harry is a guy I met while taking pictures. I was walking around downtown, and this car nearly swiped me from behind a blind spot of a city intersection (obstructed by a a tall building). Boxcar Harry yelled so that I would hear and jumped up and down so that the guy driving would stop. Anyway, we started talking for a while because of that incident.

    We ended up talking for well over an hour or two, while walking around the streets of Savannah. It turned out that he was been homeless for eighteen years! He has been up in New York city, down in Florida, and has travelled all over via (you guessed it) the railways. His parents died a long while ago and his brother who lives in California (I think he said that he is a cosmotologist) disowned him. He also told me several stories about his life including the one where some juvenilles beat him up and stole what little he had. They happened to also break his jaw in three places. Because of this, he is missing several teeth and sometimes has trouble talking.

    He told me that most people don’t even give him the time of day. A lot of people pretend that he doesn’t exist.

    Boxcar Harry also said that he’s eager to work, and that he’s skilled in the ways of laying foundation and cement for sidewalks. He tries to get work, but it must be hard for him to find a job, considering his jaw and the fact that he does not have an address.

    Later on, I took him to a nearby Kroger’s where I bought a roasted chicken for him. I threw in a tin of sardines and some cocktail weiners, which he happened to mention were some of his favorite foods, in an earlier conversation. He was very grateful. It was nearing dusk as we sat on the bus bench, where he told me that this would be his first thing to eat all day. He then insisted that I take his picture (it was fairly obvious that I had a camera around my neck) and asked that I would remember him this Christmas. He then hopped on the bus and rode it to wherever he wanted to go.

  7. Scott says:

    Holy crap

    Okay what book are you reading that out of? That sounds like some sort of fairy tale or something. Thats amazing! You should hope that his stories are true and not some tales. See, homeless people never get helped because people are scared of them. Heck, if that happened to me I would have thanked him and quickly made an escape. How did you know he was going to rob you blind when you took him to Kroger? Anyways, awesome story Garrett!