Site Update & Resume Beta

I have updated the look of my site again. I hope you dig it. (:

Also, for those interested, I have posted a little bit of info about myself as well as a first draft of my resume.

If you have any suggestions for my resume, please send them via e-mail. I’d love to hear your comments. Thanks.


4 Responses to “Site Update & Resume Beta”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:


    I really like the new layout brighter colors are nice, and the new image thing is great…

  2. sigil says:


    Yeah looks great, now if I could just get that gtk and sawmill theme in your most current screenshot 😉

  3. Chuck (aka Pax) says:

    You Rock!

    Garrett, you’re awesome! I love the new changes! Seeing your site makes me -really- want to get to working on mine! NICE JOB!!

  4. Fabian says:


    Have you ever tought to release bits and pieces of your site to us humans so we can learn about the "open source" of yours?. It will be really nice of you if you show some source, your work is admirable. And it will really help to see some of the background of your work. Thanks for all.