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Photos: On the Road to Philadelphia

Wednesday, February 27th, 2002

Early in the morning (on Feburary second), before the sun rose, I left the city of New York and began my drive to Philadelphia. I took a few pictures on the drive down there, quite a bit more while walking around Philly, and a few more while visiting the art museum.

A few notable photos are:

There are many other interesting pictures too, but you have to check out the photo archive to see them all.

Enjoy the pics.

Two new site themes

Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

I’ve added one theme called "Duo" and another named "Disc". The latter happens to be based on the look of a very old version of (one which Ryan Zygar asked me to remake). I also updated Slash to be more authentic (if you’re using Mozilla at least), and tweaked a few of the others. Blahg should now display in Netscape 4.x as well (if anyone is *still* running that old browser).

You can see both of the new site themes or select a (slightly) older one under the preference area of my site.

Sawfish & GTK+ theme release!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2002

I’ve had numerous e-mails and I’ve seen comments posted about the latest themes I have been using in my past few screenshots. The sawfish theme is called "spiffDOME" (as it’s based off of a nice *dome engine and is a more modern version of the spiff* series) and the Xenophilia-based GTK+ theme is called "Athens".

You can see both of the above themes in action in my "angular" screenshot.

Enjoy the themes!

Update: The background is also available.

Site prefs (and themes)!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2002

Last night I went to code site preferences for I created a theming system for my site and implemented a few themes as well. Two of the the themes are totally original (the "Leaf" and "Blahg") while the other two are parodies of some other famous sites ("Slash" is Slashdot lookalike; "Moz" resembles "").

In addition, I have also added name and e-mail remembering capabilities under the preference area which shows up when you are posting comments.

In case you are wondering, I made all of the themes using XHTML and CSS using my favorite text editor, Vim — and the graphics are, of course, done in the Gimp. I plan on making more site themes in the future as well.

Note: You do need to have cookies enabled, but you don’t need to log in or register to anything.

Enjoy the new features, and be sure to leave comments! (:

New screenshot & background

Sunday, February 17th, 2002

I guess I was up a little later than I needed to be. Instead of sleeping, I made a new background and took a screenshot of my desktop with the background. It’s just something I whipped up late last night. That is all. (:

Travel photos

Saturday, February 16th, 2002

I’ve added a few more photo sets in my photo area.

I have two from my holiday travel to Tulsa that I have just posted. One is a bunch of photos driving from Tulsa to Texas and the other is around the time I was driving through New Orleans.

I have also posted some more recent pictures from my New York trip as well…

  • Big Apple: Sure, a ton of people at the Linux expo up in NYC had nice Mac laptops, but I’m referring to one of the nicknames to one of the world’s most famous cities.
  • Central Park: Steve (Skatters), his dad, and I walked through Central Park, on the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The skies quickly turned overcast and it began pouring rain.
  • The Met: When taking pictures in the museum, the use of flash is not permitted. As such, none of these pictures use any type of flash; I had to be really still with the camera. Be sure to check the insane exposure times while I held my Olympus still in my hands. A few friends have since dubbed me "the human tripod". *smile*
  • DC Sunset: I got to Washington D.C. a bit too late to get any great photographs. I did bring my tripod, but I had some men in uniform yelling to me at gunpoint when I tried using it. They insisted that I immediately put up my tripod and stop taking pictures. It was supposedly something in the name of "national security". *shrug*
  • DC Mall: Due to the previous night’s events, I decided to stay another day in the nation’s capital. Better lighting usually helps generate nicer pictures. (:

I have more photos on my laptop’s hard drive right now… and I will upload them somewhat soon (probably within the next week). Many of the photographs are from Philly.

As always, enjoy the pics. (:


Monday, February 11th, 2002

First off, I have updated my site’s background. It’s based off the same picture, but I think I like these colors better (for now).

Second, I’d like to point out a bunch of cool things happening in Mozilla-land. It seems that both MozillaZine and MozillaNews have been a bit slow with news items lately, so I figured I might as well point out these nifty things here.

Blizzard has made some nifty patches to Mozilla which enable nice fonts the correct way, instead of the commonly used hack. Because of this, it may finally go into Mozilla officially. Woohoo! Blizzard has also been busy porting Mozilla to GTK+ 2 as well. Very nifty.

Also seen in the Mozilla scene: Mozilla is getting native-looking widgets. This isn’t exactly brand-new news, but it is rather recent (it’s not turned on by default in GTK+ Mozilla builds… yet), and hopefully the next Milestone will have both new improvements. Mozilla 1.0 really should have both.

In related news, two new versions of Galeon came out the other day. I’m running the "unstable" version which allows one to do gesture support (which totally rocks), has a native Javascript console, introduces the page info dialog, showcases new icons, and includes auto-apply settings. This isn’t even paying tribute to the plethora of minute changes which include other minor features and the routine bug squashing.

By-the-way: I do have lots of pictures yet to post. I’ll try to upload soon.