Sawfish & GTK+ theme release!

I’ve had numerous e-mails and I’ve seen comments posted about the latest themes I have been using in my past few screenshots. The sawfish theme is called "spiffDOME" (as it’s based off of a nice *dome engine and is a more modern version of the spiff* series) and the Xenophilia-based GTK+ theme is called "Athens".

You can see both of the above themes in action in my "angular" screenshot.

Enjoy the themes!

Update: The background is also available.

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13 Responses to “Sawfish & GTK+ theme release!”

  1. Jason says:


    Thank you garrett! I especially like how you can change color schemes in spiffDOME. Athens isn’t too bad either. =)

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Muks says:

    This rowx

    Theming like this rocks. I like the Slashdot theme a lot (not that I like Slashdot itself). It looks cool and looks like you put some work into it.
    Now, I want that green fish thing.. and a fire breathing dragon next to it (a well behaved fire breathing dragon). Go figure.

  3. c2n says:


    Thanks man! What can I say, your "angular" screenshot, looks tidy, compact, clean, and just plain clear to and intuitive to use. I suggest using this theme for GNOME as the default standard. Would be great if they used it in GNOME2, that way the users would also see an obvious change and not only the developers (not that there’s nothing new for end-user).

    Again, thanks for the great themes/ideas.

  4. Ryan Zygar says:

    Yes Yes Yes

    I wonder why you have been working so much on your site it is refreshing being a regular and visiting the site often it has really changed personally I enjoy the clean theme and mozilla… You should do an old theme… Back when you had the linuxart logo with big LA and the camera .png and debian .png the old school

    Thank’s this is great as always.


  5. garrett says:

    Old LinuxArt themes…

    Thanks for the comments!

    Yes, I was thinking about making themes out of the old versions of the site. I still have all the graphics available on my website, so it would mostly be writing some html and css in my new theme format and adding each as a theme selection. (:

  6. garrett says:

    Theme imlemented and added

    Just as the subject says, I have imlemented the theme and added it to the list. Check it out. (:

  7. Tim Riley says:

    Another theme

    Speaking of themes, I would really like to know about the theme you are using in your ‘raingutter’ and ‘nautilush’ screenshots. It looks like it is the wmaker theme for Sawfish, but with customized pixmaps. If so, can you make them available online?


  8. caff says:

    terminal font

    what font do u use for your terminal? (Always referred to the "angular" shot)
    PS: Your new sawfish/gtk+ themes kick ass as usual!

  9. Tim Riley says:

    Found it

    Oh! I found it in your files section – Ascent – it is a really nice theme.

  10. Tseng says:

    XChat Prefs

    Hey, could you post your configs for x-chat?
    It looks really cool…

  11. Even Kristian Mangerud says:

    GTK theme rocks!

    Realy nice gtk theme! Love all your work, so keep it up 🙂

    Even Mangerud (Norway)

  12. garrett says:

    re:XChat Prefs

    I have uploaded them to my website, and the configs now reside in my stuff dir.

  13. tseng says:

    from the debian ate my homework dept ::.

    lol, theyre gone…