Two new site themes

I’ve added one theme called "Duo" and another named "Disc". The latter happens to be based on the look of a very old version of (one which Ryan Zygar asked me to remake). I also updated Slash to be more authentic (if you’re using Mozilla at least), and tweaked a few of the others. Blahg should now display in Netscape 4.x as well (if anyone is *still* running that old browser).

You can see both of the new site themes or select a (slightly) older one under the preference area of my site.

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9 Responses to “Two new site themes”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:

    Look’s Great

    Like a trip into time… I like the old school theme but I would suggest using the same fonts as the new ghost leaf version fonts render a little better in galeon with aa enabled….

    I really love this logo that you did and the camera icon has always been my favorite I have used it for awhile as the icon for when I plug my olympus into the laptop and upload pictures using nautilus to paint the desktop 🙂

    I cannot believe how quick you accomplished this! Great Job.


  2. garrett says:

    Fonts Updated…

    I have updated the fonts on the theme. (:

  3. Ryan Zygar says:

    Now This Really Rocks

    Garrett –
    Looks great! Wow… Don’t you think it is a walk through the pass.
    I really would like to see the code to this site how do you do it? It is great…

    You really our a producer of great work and fast at that. Now to the Xbox.


  4. Simba says:


    Very cool looking, especially now that comments work again. :}

  5. valerio de iacovo says:


    I like all of your themes (expecially the wine box! =), but I get confused now. I prefer if I got no choice!

  6. SiLiZiUMM says:


    The "Disc" theme looks soo great… Did you use anything else than Gimp to create the graphic? And how did you achieve that ? Cookies for sure but anything else (PHP?) ?

  7. dac says:


    I like em all, great stuff!

  8. garrett says:

    site themes

    I used Gimp for the graphics. In terms of the web themes, I used cookies to store the theme name pref and CSS for styling. The main content area uses the same HTML throughout each theme — it only looks different because of the use of CSS. My site is powered by PHP, and I have it output slightly different template HTML for each style, but this is mostly just for the graphic or to include certain elements (such the random thumbs, alternate navigation, etc).

  9. muhri says:


    Garrett buddy, You have outdone yourself once again. I love the Mozilla theme hehe! Do you do other sites? Would you be willing to remake