Photos: On the Road to Philadelphia

Early in the morning (on Feburary second), before the sun rose, I left the city of New York and began my drive to Philadelphia. I took a few pictures on the drive down there, quite a bit more while walking around Philly, and a few more while visiting the art museum.

A few notable photos are:

There are many other interesting pictures too, but you have to check out the photo archive to see them all.

Enjoy the pics.

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7 Responses to “Photos: On the Road to Philadelphia”

  1. Marc Muller says:

    Program for displaying photos


    Could you tell me what program you used for displaying your photos ?

  2. garrett says:


    I wrote my photogallery myself, using PHP.

  3. Marc Muller says:

    Your photo Gallery

    Is your code under GPL ?

  4. garrett says:

    Website code

    t’s very specific to my own personal website at the moment, and has been hacked on over the years when I have made free time to do so. As a result, it is not the easiest thing to set up (at least for a non-linuxart site) and it’s not what I would call release quality (for general consumption), yet. I plan on cleaning it up and redoing some things with better abstraction, hopefully some time soon.

  5. Marc Muller says:

    Your site

    But could you release your site under GPL ! I really like it. So if it doesn’t matter you I will be happy to have a site that’s look like yours. I will make others themes specific to my site !


  6. SiLiZiUMM says:

    Themes rocks

    Yeah, as I said on another post, the themes system rocks. I just can’t figure out now how to deal with themes that changed radically the position of the content yet – but I have a quite good idea how to do a theme system that changes the colors/graphics a bit. For sure it would not be the same quality as Garrett’s theme system 🙂

  7. garrett says:

    More than just the themes…

    It’s a lot more than just the themes. I have worked on various pieces of this site over the span of a few years, so I would like to go back to make things a little more sane before releasing the goods, especially in terms of portability and customizability. (: