Site theme: “NewsJournal”

A new site theme, "NewsJournal", is available under my preferences area. Be sure to check it out. Post a comment on your impressions of the site theme by clicking the link below.

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6 Responses to “Site theme: “NewsJournal””

  1. Ryan Zygar says:


    This looks amazing with antialiased font support enabled in your browser… I wonder when we can finally quit saying that does every distro pretty much have a package built…
    Is everyone using aa fonts?
    I really like this nice and easy layout…


  2. garrett says:

    About anti-alaising…

    I’m sure you also saw the XFT hack that turns off the cheezy hinting engine in the XFT library. It usually does more harm than good at the moment, thanks to patent issues. Hopefully a nice solution will come up soon, but in the mean time, it looks excellent with great fonts (most of them from Microsoft’s truetype font download pages). Anti-aliasing or not, with or without hinting — it still helps to have high-quality fonts.

    I should take some screenshots of different page themes with the nice, anti-aliased fonts in place.

  3. influx says:

    definately like to see that…

    Seems like fonts are the one bugaboo I still have with Linux, although I’m using all the fonts from my XP partition… Just need to get my XFT stuff setup 🙂

  4. Ryan Zygar says:

    AA Font Screenshots

    I have got some for you I have always used your site for comparing browsers check it out…

  5. Ryan Zygar says:


    I forgot to write the link for you it’s
    and the other one is mozilla_aa.png in the same directory both demonstrate the site for you… then some of the older ones are your old site design I would always show your site in shots 🙂 always enjoyed the work

  6. anonymous says:

    wine theme

    aaaargh! it is so good, i cant resist: i’ll steal it.