Hooray for FedEx!

Today, I heard a ring on the doorbell and found a large, yet mostly empty box waiting outside my front door. I thanked the FedEx lady as she walked back to her van, and hurridly took the box in, anxious to see the little cards I had ordered not but a few days before.

After opening the oversized box, I discovered what I had been waiting for: My two little 128M SmartMedia cards were ever-so-cautiously packed within a few layers of bubblewrap. I slid each out of its packing and tried out both, one at a time, in my Olympus digital camera and discovered that I can take a whopping 163 pictures per card (more or less). Wow.

I cannot wait to go out put these expensive little cards to good use.


3 Responses to “Hooray for FedEx!”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:

    What Settings

    That is a whole lotta pictures at what settings?

  2. Scott says:


    I use flashcards which I know are much cheaper and probably aren’t as good as smartmedia, but I have a 32mb flashcard that can take around 115 pictures at the highest setting, and then I have an 8 and 4mb card also. I know garrett’s camera is much more technical than mine but my Kodak does really awesome pictures so he must be using the absolute highest setting.

  3. Parlor Inventor says:

    Oly and SmartMedia

    In the low-end (ehm, non-high-end) Olympus cams you can only put SmartMedia and no CF, probably due to a contract they signed with the SmartMedia-dudes…. I think CF’s gonna be the winner if these contracts expire.

    Just got my C2040z (2.1Mpix) and I can put @1600×1200 around 150 pix in HQ and 75 pix in SHQ on one 64 MB-card. Officially a photo is 512 KB in HQ or 1 MB in SHQ, but mostly it’s 350-450KB in HQ and 700-900KB in SHQ.

    The Oly Cx0x0z series rock!