What’s the scoop?

Yes, I haven’t updated my page in a little bit. Sorry. I have been busy. I will fill in some details a little later, but to sum things up in a few words: laptop, job, new photos, moving.

I will shed some more light on things in a bit. (:


4 Responses to “What’s the scoop?”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:


    Did you just get all those things that you listed if so congratulations and congratulations…

    A new laptop ooh what kind?

  2. Trae says:

    he’s a mac ho’ now!

    I’m pretty sure Garrett got a new mac laptop. I know he’s wanted one for eons, so it’s cool he finally got it!

  3. Ryan Zygar says:

    Loss My Laptop In a Bet

    I had a laptop once… Then I lost the laptop in a bet. Ooops! A new shiny mactop would be cool… But I also really like the DELL that I once had ;-(

  4. influx says:


    Sounds like an interesting story!