New job, new pad, new laptop

Well, today’s the day. I got a job with Red Hat, as a graphic designer. I just moved up to North Carolina as well!I recently got a new laptop, too — an Apple TiBook.

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18 Responses to “New job, new pad, new laptop”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:


    Now I understand the sudden switch 🙂
    I am very happy for you!

  2. Chuck (aka Pax) says:


    Well done! I hope everything goes well with RedHat! Best of luck!

  3. tigert says:


    So, that makes a pretty high density of apple hardware among linux artists 🙂

    Congrats for all that!

  4. Chuck (aka Pax) says:

    Apple Hardware

    Speaking of Apple hardware, TigerT, just what type of Apple notebook do you own? And what distribution are you running on it? I’m curious. 🙂 My iBook might enjoy some Linux fun. 🙂

  5. garrett says:

    Apple laptops

    Tigert, Jimmac, and myself all have TiBooks (Powerbook G4s). Tigert runs Debian while Jimmac and I run Yellow Dog (basically a PPC derivative of Red Hat).

    Linux should run fine on an iBook too, for what it’s worth.

    By-the-way: I’ve had numerous laptops of various brands in the past, and this one is the best in terms of everything: Battery life, screen quality, suspend and resume, and also having everything supported (by both Linux and non-Linux OSes). It also is not a bad price for the featureset on a laptop. (Of course, the iBook is a *great* value for a laptop…)

  6. ddmt says:

    TiBook G4

    Which version did you get, 550Mhz or 667Mhz? I’m thinking to get one myself but with my current budget I can only afford the 550Mhz version.

    Anyway congrats for your new job 🙂

  7. Chuck (aka Pax) says:


    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Stan says:


    Traitors!!! All of you. Turning your powerbooks into Linux boxen when there is a perfectly good OS that comes with them! OS X owns you and you know it!. And you can even run GIMP!! Come on!!!

  9. Stan says:

    April 1st?

    He’s been talking about a new job for a while now and has always been very relluctant to say who it was… Could this be an elaborate April fools day joke?

  10. garrett says:

    Linux on a Mac

    The inclusion of Linux does not necessitate the exclusion of MacOS. OS X runs fine on on my laptop, and, yes, I have the Gimp installed on that partition too. (:

  11. Ryan Zygar says:

    I doubt it…

    I don’t think Garrett would let the joke go this long. I would sure like to get my hands on a tibook with Linux…

    I am though impressed with OSX from the time’s I have used it.

  12. Ausmosis says:

    Bastard!! (:

    Man o man o man…… You lucky bastard garrette!!… If there’s one place on earth I want to work at, its RedHat…. Congrats to you but I now expect to see some really cool Gnome icons, backgrounds etc etc (:

  13. tigert says:

    linux on ppc

    So, like Garrett said, I run debian, and a lot of others also run Yellowdog linux (which has the advantage of having Red Carpet and Ximian Gnome available for it []

    Debian is.. um. debian. Painful to install, like always, but nice once you got it setup. Yellowdog seems great too, most things just work out of the box, I had it installed first here. But I am sort of used to the debian way of doing things so maybe it is too late for me to switch.. 🙂

    I am installing fink on osx now btw, so I can run Gimp dualhead on the video projector at GUADEC (no working linux support for that yet) – gonna give a talk soon, but now it’s time for food 🙂

  14. Stan says:

    Yes!!! BUT NO!!!

    Dude. The usage of anything OTHER than OS X on a powerbook is just wrong. You should be a shamed of yoru self! *hugs his rev1 powerbook G4*

  15. Greg DeK says:

    Get back to work.

    Nice, cushy job, spend all your time playing with your own web site. We can have you killed.

  16. Adrian LIkins says:

    Look at that awfully nice wacom tablet sitting on garret’s desk…

    I think I need it. Uh, yeah, to test the xinput support in
    up2date… yeah, thats it. The new tilt and pressure controlled
    dependency solver… Yeah, I think I’m gonna have to "borrow"
    that tablet.

  17. ion says:


    Congrats Garret, I hope to see your good work reflected on RedHat… by the way I like your site design….


  18. Simba says:

    You… you..!

    The horror! The horror! Linux on a TiBook. Noooo!

    All kidding aside, congrats on the job and Apple. Try to use OS X more often though, I think you’ll grow to like it considerably more then any other unix flavor, as I have. Cocoa is the language of Kings. Lions too. 🙂