The Linux wish list

What is something you think would make Linux a better operating system?

It can range from anything in kernel space to hardware support to the desktop, or even various apps. This is ranging from the technical to the typical end-user and everywhere else as well. It can be a request for prettier graphics, easier install, or whatever.

I’m asking this question just because I’m curious about what you think. Who knows? Maybe someone reading your comment might decide to implement your request. (:

Hit the article link and post your thoughts.

Also feel free to post what you currently love about Linux as well. (:

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7 Responses to “The Linux wish list”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Fonts out of the box.
    DIVX encoder, Good DVD player, better CDR/RW support.

  2. Ryan Zygar says:

    Faster Nautilus

    Good Fonts out of the Box would be super cool. Gnome 2 will be really nice, Nautilus screams in that.
    I love the ability to have multiple Desktop sessions running.
    Antia-Aliasing with the Window Manager! Metacity?

    Mozilla 1.0/Galeon completed stable browser finally! Thanks.

    Free Pizza

  3. Kevin Breit says:

    Fonts and more

    I would really be all about having good fonts out of the box, as well as an easy system to add fonts. I find it hard to add fonts.I am also having issues with USB on my laptop and I’d love to get that working properly.I love Evolution and the ability to customize how it works for myself.

  4. Trae says:

    Yeah, font’s dangit… and…

    I hate to follow suit with the other goobers, but I too think that fonts Out of the Box is quite an important thing and something that virtually no distro that I know of supports. Specifically, the MS fonts. Maybe, what would be even better, is if someone, *cough* G *cough*, actually wrote,drew,whatever some decent free/open fonts for X that did not suck and that rendered nicely both with AA and without it.
    My personal favorite is ms trebuchet 13/14.

    That being said, We also need a really unique and interesting Startup system. RH 7.3 has a good jump on the boot sequence, but it can be made to look a whole heck of a lot better. Such as the Corel 1.0 setup.

    Library nightmares…
    Another thing that ticks me off about Linux distro’s is the fact that you have to go hunting for 40B different dependancies when you want to install something. And everyone wants to have thier own versions of libs. Come on people, can’t we get this stuff together so things simply work? It’s like the windows dll nightmare all over again.

    Anyway, I’m sick, ranting, and should be sleeping.
    Later *

  5. jard says:

    better Xwindow + lower latencies

    The most missing feature (from my point of view 🙂 is ability to switch color depth in Xwindows on the fly. I’d also like to change virtual screen resolution on the fly.

    Lower latencies would be better for desktop users (as it was in BeOS).

    And finally, i’d like to include some gnome features to kde and some kde features to gnome. I dislike nautilus, it’s slower than konqueror. But the rest of gnome is comparable to kde. Gnumeric is my most favorite gnome app. Koffice is poor. Sometimes i think that gnome and kde users should be more cooperative.

  6. garrett says:

    hey, it’s a start…

    Gnome 2’s Nautilus is much, much faster than any other previous version. There are a lot of other really cool things coming down the pipeline for Gnome as well… and Gnome 2’s release is right around the corner.

    I’m using Gnome 2 on all my machines, and it really is shaping up nicely. (:

  7. SMHMayboudi says:

    DivX , Mov , AVI

    Hello every body that read and see my text!
    I can’t ver well write english excuseme ( :
    about DivX: go to and i think this is the best way
    I search in , , …
    and i can’t download a real application that convert the avi file or mpeg file to DivX(XviD) or MPEG4 ! only encoder and decoder ( up say )
    about MOV: go to ( and search for mplayer
    and go only to this project name (mplayer) and i think this is, this program can load mov file, i try to use libquicktime or openquicktime or new version from but nothing in my hand!?!?
    about AVI: only go to ( this is the best ) in world [I think]