Gnome HIG

The Gnome Human Interface Guidelines looks interesting…

I am glad to find a layout section in the document, including recommendations on groups and spacing. Also something of importance is the section on Gnome icons.


2 Responses to “Gnome HIG”

  1. x-virge says:


    Ugh. The spacing stuff is more incomplete than the stuff Jimbob and I had for GNOME 1.4… and of course, it’s completely different. And no one is following it to begin with. I can’t believe they just let spacing be some amorphous blob like that.

  2. garrett says:

    yeah, sucks, huh?

    Yeah, I know… I wish it was focused on a bit more. I really want it to be fixed.

    Personally, I’m glad that it is even addressed at all.

    Maybe by Gnome 2.1, it will be addressed in a big push and that will be a more "polished" release in terms of consistancy, nice spacing, and such.