New Metacity theme: Metabox

I have recieved many inquiries concerning the Metacity theme I showed off in my latest screenshots. It’s called "Metabox", and I made it. You can now download it.

To install it, untar the theme in ~/.metacity/themes/ and switch over to it, type "gconftool-2 –type=string –set /apps/metacity/general/theme Metabox".


6 Responses to “New Metacity theme: Metabox”

  1. Michel says:

    Thanks for this great theme.

  2. david says:


    Well, it didn’t want to work for me… just installed gnome2 (gentoo) and metacity. I tried using the command you gave, and then tried using the new metacity-setup tool. Neither worked. Just thought I’d let you know, or whatever.

    BTW, great site. You do nice graphics!

  3. garrett says:

    You have to have the *LATEST* Metacity from CVS

    Metacity recently changed the theme format slightly by adding a border frame. Breaking the theme format (albeit slightly) is not a regular occurance, but this change was important. Metabox is fixed by supporting the border frame, thus you need the latest Metacity, as of the beginning of this week and thereafter.

  4. david says:

    cool. thanks.

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