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They’re neck and neck!

Friday, June 21st, 2002

Neither lens has arrived yet. One is late due to Sam Bass (Ritz Camera) messing up the order. The other is a 2-day shipment in its third day. Which will I get first? Who knows.

The great lens race

Wednesday, June 19th, 2002

I have a very-wide-angle Sigma 17-35mm lens on its way through a local camera store last week. I also ordered a Canon 28-135mm w/IS from B&H. Let’s see which one arrives first. Both should be in either sometime tomorrow or Friday. FedEx is handling the package as a "2 day", and I ordered it last night. The Canon should not take longer than the Sigma, as it has already been over a week now since ordering from the local photo shop, but who knows?

Which will win? Will it be the wide angle Sigma or the general purpose Canon? Cast your votes below, in a comment (but remember: Internet based gambling may be illegal where you live).

Gimp: Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, June 19th, 2002

This is probably the first in a series. I think I should possibly post Gimp tips and maybe eventually tutorials or such… and also links to sites that have some of the mentioned as well.

Anyway, here’s a very basic answer to a question I’m asked quite often… "How do you save an image in the Gimp with layers, guides, and other stuff?"

The answer is short and sweet. Use the XCF format. The file image would end up like this: "foo.xcf" (if your image is called "foo").

As an added bonus, append a compression format at the end and Gimp will transparently handle the compression as well. For example, "foo.xcf.gz" is the format I always use (gzip compressed XCF). You can also use "foo.xcf.bz2", but it is much slower and doesn’t save all that much space. Using xcf.gz vs a plain xcf, does result in signifigant savings, however.

A little bit of trivia… XCF stands for "eXperimental Computing Facility", which is the birthplace of the Gimp.

Week of the D60

Tuesday, June 18th, 2002

It’s been almost a week now since I’ve had my new camera. I’ve taken a few pics already, but I can’t wait for more lenses to arrive. As of yet, I’ve been shooting with my 50mm and have had some interesting results.

Besides almost stepping on a HUGE snake, I saw a few deer trot around a field, got attacked by a swarm of fireflies, and passed a few ferocious dogs. It’s probably almost as "Steve Irwin-ish" as you can get in Raleigh. "Ooooooooo, mate! Watch oooout for that kill-er squerril!"

In other related news: I still need to modify my photo gallery to support different aspect ratios so that I can display the pics correctly.

Wow. Google is amazing.

Friday, June 14th, 2002

Google is amazing. It now even searches catalogs, too. Uses OCR and graphical higlighting, it seems. Super fast and accurate.

What will they think of next? (:

The ancient web

Thursday, June 13th, 2002

Netscape 4.0 "gold" is now officially over five years old (and that’s not counting the preview releases). Why are people still using it? There’s something much better, and it is open source too.

Check out Scott Andrew’s birthday celebration of the dreaded NS4. It’s fun!

Camera preview

Thursday, June 13th, 2002

I happened to take a couple of pictures yesterday. I have cropped and uploaded one of them so that you can see what to expect in the future. It’s a nice butterfly pic.

Remember that it is right from the camera and cropped to size (no manipulation or rescaling whatsoever).Pretty nifty.