Photos: Zoo pics

Now that I have updated my gallery, I have the ability to post some Canon D60 pictures. As such, I present to you the two-or-so-hours-away Zoo.

Zebras, flamingos, monkeys, bison, turtles, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and more are all contained within this latest photo set. Check it out, and be sure to post a comment. *smile*

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8 Responses to “Photos: Zoo pics”

  1. Skatters says:


    These are great. That new camera sure is something! =)

  2. garrett says:

    new camera

    The Canon frees me from the "digitalcamera-ness" of the Olympus cameras I used to use as my primary cameras. The Canon D60 is like a film camera; only digital. *smile*

    You should see some of the more recent stuff I’ve done w/ the camera. I went on a mini-vacation today and drove out to the beaches of North Carolina. I stopped a couple times on the way too — and I have tons of pics. (;

  3. remorse says:

    Very nice!

    Thanks to you, I’ve got very nice backgrounds for my desktop. Can’t wait for those beach pictures 😉

  4. takahide says:

    Bright red colors

    I was just browsing thru your great photos when I noticed the pair of bright red birds… and the jaggies. Also noticeable on the people with red clothes. Is this a software or camera hardware ‘problem’? Anyways, you go out and snap some more photos and have fun. I mean, computer people do need air or whatever they call it.

  5. garrett says:


    The images were rescaled. As such, you’re seeing a second generation JPEG (impossible to rescale in a JPEG format w/o, but things like rotation can be done losslessly). The JPEG/JFIF format has issues with brightly saturated reds and solid colors. If it is solid red, watch out! There’s really no way around this unless you use a format like TIFF or PNG.

    It could also be the display that you’re browsing with, as some displays make things look more jagged than others (most noticably certain LCD screens as the display overall is crisper).

    Also, imlib2 is used to rescale images on the fly, and it might be that the method it uses to scale and/or save may do a few things to highly-saturated red areas of contrast.

    It’s not a problem with the camera — it’s some post-camera issue, either with the JPEG format itself or possibly with imlib2. Your display probably accuentates the issue as well.

    It’s not noticable in the originals.

  6. Kevin Breit says:

    Zoo Photos

    Garrett, I notice that your camera takes some great photos. My question though is: do you plan on releasing your image gallery for public use? 🙂

  7. garrett says:

    photo gallery

    Not yet, but soon. I have to tidy it up. The code is in CVS right now, and my friend Mukund and I are going to work on things before publicly releasing it.

  8. Kevin Breit says:

    I use album right now, and it’s a great little script. However, yours has some really nice things about it too. Competition never did hurt anyone ya know.