Photos: Visit South of the Border!

One roadsign, two roadsigns, three roadsigns… gee; this place has tons of ’em.

If you have ever been driving on I-95 in the 200 mile vicinity of South of the Border, then you’ve seen the tacky billboards advertising the tourist trap which lies directly south of the North Carolina border. I always wanted to stop to check it out, but I never could justify the time. Since I had my new Canon D60 with me, I could more than justify it.

Check out the very wacky South of the Border — It’s fun! Be sure to see the night pics that start at the beginning of the first page (just barely) and make their way onto the second thumbnail page.

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2 Responses to “Photos: Visit South of the Border!”

  1. Allea says:

    Can’t believe it!

    I can’t believe you actually went to South of the Border! Actually I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past and have been to embarassed to stop.

    Nice pictures, at any rate. You photograph those little cheesy statues like they’re real people. Quite humorous.

  2. Kevin Breit says:

    How odd

    That place looks so incredibly odd. I liked the photos of the statues in there though. The place looks kinda lame. I’ll make a note not to go there if I’m ever in the area.