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Happy birthday to me!

Monday, August 26th, 2002

Today is my birthday. I am now 25 years old.

Turn off that TV!

Friday, August 23rd, 2002

The TVFA is behind the TV Turnoff Week, which just started yesterday (for this year).

Instead of watching TV, read a book, talk to people, get work done, or just get out there and take pictures (and then post them to your website). *smile*

I don’t actually have a television, so I’m able to do the above and even more because I don’t sink my time into watching useless TV shows.

Read a few good reasons on why not to watch TV. Also, check out

Enjoy life; turn off the tube. (:

Gnome is 5 years old!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

The Gnome desktop is five years old, as of the seventeenth of this month. I guess that means I predate it by almost twenty years. Happy birthday Gnome! (:

Voyager: 25 years

Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

I just found out that Voyager turned 25 years old yesterday. This means that the space probe is precisely one week older than I am.

Happy birthday, V’ger!

Sunday pictures

Monday, August 19th, 2002

I took a quick trip to the JC Raulston Arboretum (they have their own homepage) and took some pictures before the storm hit last night.

View my pictures from the arboretum.

Also, as in included bonus, I took pictures of the approaching storm (complete with lightning!).

Viewing the past

Wednesday, August 14th, 2002

Gareth, a good friend of mine and a past co-worker, has established an archive of the old content (under Open Content License) which covers October 2001 and all previous content.

Busy, busy… Need a road trip?

Thursday, August 8th, 2002

I think I’m in need of a road trip coming up. Maybe even a few excursions every next few weekends. I’ve been sooooo busy at work that I need time to do something else for a little bit. I’m thinking a weekend of driving somewhere, daddling around there, then coming back. I’ll probably take pictures, visit some museum, or just chill out for a bit, then return to work after each weekend. (:

Any suggestions on places to visit (somewhat) nearby? (Well, within a day’s drive or so…)