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Red Hat Linux 8.0: Released!

Monday, September 30th, 2002

You may have seen the news on other sites. Red Hat Linux 8.0 has just been released.

(In case you didn’t know…) I work for Red Hat, doing graphics (including the theme stuff, aka "Bluecurve", which so many news sites are talking about).

Happy birthday, Natalie!

Saturday, September 28th, 2002

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday. I’m in Savannah, celebrating her birthday this weekend.

I restructured the home network here and also added wireless support (so I could go anywhere in the house with my laptop). I also upgraded computers and did other administrative tasks.

In other news, Comcast granted access (finally) to the 212.*.*.* block of IPs again late last night / early this morning, while I was restructuring things. Woohoo. (This enables my family to access my website and their e-mail once again).

I think I might venture out here in a little bit to take pictures, weather permitting.


Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

It’s Red Hat, makers of fine antiques, started by a sister of a member of the "Red Hat Society"!

They’re hosted by Innotech, the "we sound kinda like we have lots of Office Space available" company.

According to the article, "she consigns many antiques and fine crafts but also sells her own. Although she goes prospecting, as she calls it, her husband also provides a source." I wonder what license that source is under… Hmm… (Har har)

To those who may be confused: We (where I work) deal with software. They deal with hard wood (and old trinkets).

Mozilla: Features!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2002

Mozilla has tons of features! (I love that screenshot! Too funny. Thanks, Asa.)

In other news, Phoenix 0.1 was released. It’s the stripped-down, speedy, and small version of Mozilla. It is available for both Windows and Linux.

Photos: Dogs and Soccer

Saturday, September 21st, 2002

I recently posted two new photo sets. One contains photos of my neighbor’s dogs taken at dusk (without a tripod, and those things moved too fast, so some of the pictures are a bit dark and/or blurred — oops!) and the other set is from the Red Hat soccer team kicking the other team’s butt. *grin*

Why did the tortoise cross the road?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2002

Yesterday, as I was driving in my apartment complex, I saw something in the road crawling in front of my moving car. I slowed down and then stopped. It was slowly moving across the road. I left my car running and hopped out to see a little tortoise determined to get to the other side.

Another car was approaching, and they also stopped when they saw that my car was stationary and that I was outside of it. I bent down and reached for the tortoise which then retreated into its shell. I picked up the panicked little thing and started walking to the edge of the road. In my hands, it popped out of its shell and started wriggling, attempting to get free. I kept a firm grasp on it until I got over to the side of the road where lush, green grass and a little stream were located. I let the tortoise go upon arrival and it crawled off.

Whether it is rabbits, tortoises, bears, wolves, or pets, such as cats and dogs, there always seems to be plenty of animals that like to interact with me face-to-face, outside wherever I live.

The question remains, though: Why did the tortoise cross the road? Was there a chicken shortage?

Vote for AisleRiot

Monday, September 16th, 2002

Go and vote for jrb‘s "AisleRiot" card game program at FootNotes’ latest poll.

It’s currently #3, let’s see if we can make it #1! (: