Red Hat Linux 8.0: Released!

You may have seen the news on other sites. Red Hat Linux 8.0 has just been released.

(In case you didn’t know…) I work for Red Hat, doing graphics (including the theme stuff, aka "Bluecurve", which so many news sites are talking about).

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17 Responses to “Red Hat Linux 8.0: Released!”

  1. Trae says:

    Great work Garrett!

    FirstPo^W, err… Great work bud. I can see your hand has touched just about every single aspect of the RH distro. I hope they have doubled your salary. 🙂


  2. Richard Weber says:

    Switching over

    I’m a Debian geek but after reading that review of RH8 by Eugenia complaining about the lack of proprietary crap like the NVidia drivers, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Acrobat Viewer, I am ready to take RedHat seriously again. It looks very sleek — congratulations Garrett!

  3. ravi says:


    I’ve few things stalking my mind………….
    Why is the Kompany wailing so loudly about bluecurve???
    Can’t RedHat uniformize the GUIs that it packages with its distribution??
    When will these holy wars end ?
    Will the Kompany think over this calmly and stop crying wolf!! for these kind of silly matters.

    btw….garrett you’ve done a great job!

    They should be grateful atleast the dull icons of KDE have been replaced by cool looking ones 😉

  4. Josh says:

    Very Nice.

    Excellent Job Garrett, I commend you. 🙂

  5. Ausmosis says:

    Can’t wait to try it out!

    Great work Garrett!.. From the screenshots I have seen, Bluecurve looks quite polished and very slick. I’ve ordered my copy of RH 8.0 and can’t wait to try it out. 🙂



  6. Brian says:

    Bluecurve tarball?

    Wonderful work, Garrett. Are you planning on making a tarball available for the Bluecurve themes?

  7. Nico says:

    Bluecurve tarball

    You can try the following: download the redhat-artwork RPM, use "alien -t" and you get a nice tarball of all the bluecurve things…

  8. Nico says:

    Sawfish Theme?

    Are you (or is somebody else) planning to make a Sawfish theme? I’m still sticking to Sawfish as Metacity lacks some features I don’t want to miss.
    (Great work by the way!)

  9. Ryan Zygar says:

    I was trying to search some of your old news headingd

    I wrote in an old posting that what the Redhat distro was missing was influence from you… It is funny how things work out!

    I cannot find the old posting though. If you archived it and have a way to search it may humour you.



  10. Brian says:

    Bluecurve tarball

    I’ve created a deb already, but thanks for the tip. I was hoping a Debian developer would pick it up and get it into the official archive. 🙂

  11. jonathan hernandez says:


    Hey Garret you’re doing a very neat work at RH!, good choice from RH to employ you 🙂

  12. influx says:

    Looks Great

    I’m actually using it and easily recognize a lot of your work all through out. Great job! Now if only Gnome 2.0 terminal didn’t suck and Nautilus wasn’t full of bugs 😉

  13. zion says:

    what is bluecurve?

    Is there a shot somewhere I can see it in action?

  14. TJ says:

    The best desktop yet.

    The best of GNOME and KDE. I truly think there needs to me more of a concentrated effort on a single desktop…linux would have much bigger pie of desktop market share. Perhaps Bluecurve will eventually (and hopefully, quickly) evolve to something as appealing as the OS X Aqua desktop interface.

  15. Joe says:


    Woah!!…so ur the great artist who re-designed the way RH8 honoured to have found your website! 🙂
    I’m a student from Singapore & just dropped by to tell you WHAT A GREAT JOB U HAVE DONE! Woohoo…brand new look…rockz~ 🙂

  16. anonymous says:

    find the deb?

    can anybody link me to a deb? id like to download it but beacuse of the state in unstable im unable to install (it wants libqt3-mt, currently its libqt3c102-mt) i just want the gnome part, the current default kde theme is quite nice 🙂 thx.