Can’t sleep: Theme fun!

…So I found some interesting things while surfing around (as usual).

BluecurveTM, the new theme I designed for Red Hat, is available for GTK+ 1 and 2, Metacity, KWin, Qt, XMMS, GDM, icons, and other various parts of the Red Hat 8.0 system.

Maybe the next step is to make Bluecuve available for other things as well, such as this list of theme-able software:

If I really wanted to, I could also think about making a theme for Windows 3.1. *shudder*

Okay, I am really up too late tonight, so it’s past time to go to sleep and have nice dreams. Hopefully I won’t have theme nightmares! (:

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2 Responses to “Can’t sleep: Theme fun!”

  1. Scott says:


    I know this sounds really bad, but at work I’m stuck using windows xp. It would be really awsome if bluecurve was ported to style xp.

  2. Cliff says:

    Someone made a port to XP of TigertCrack. It uses the Bluecurve GTK engine widgets.