Return of the Mac (again)


Without warning, an extra brown box showed up sometime when I was away for lunch. Inside, my Mac was sitting there with a work repair order saying that they fixed things. Sure enough, they replaced the LCD, backlight, and something called an "inverter" (not sure, but maybe it is to illuminate the glowing Apple logo on the back).

What does this all mean? Well, my laptop is back, I don’t have tons of dead pixels, and I can see what’s going on once more. Pretty nifty.

Hopefully I won’t have to send it off yet again. I think I’m going to spring for that AppleCare extended warranty.


3 Responses to “Return of the Mac (again)”

  1. Ryan Zygar says:


    When I heard of your shortcomings I instantly made certain that we have Applecare on our computer.

    Apples can be bitter sweet. I am enjoying my time on a Mac.

    – RZ

  2. Nate Reindl says:

    inverters = shocktastic

    Wow. It sounds like you busted your LCD assembly to tiny bits or something 😉

    Anyway, the inverter is what makes your LCD backlight work. This isn’t necessairly an Apple-only thing, for one of these resides in my IBM ThinkPad notebook.

    Also, being shocked by these things != good.

  3. Genady says:


    The Inverter steps up the voltage to run the LCD. Nasty things don’t let them bite you.