Sour Apple

My new laptop is still off in Apple-la-la Land. I still haven’t heard anything about it, nor has it made its way back to me. It has been a week now. This is the second time I had it shipped off. The first time, I had them fix several problems already.

In the mean time, here’s an interesting page: "Why most people should buy a Macintosh"A quote of the list on that page is below (my comments are in [brackets]):

  • are much easier to set up […when things work right]
  • are (still) easier to use [more-or-less]
  • have a graphic user interface which is more customisable [Apple has been locking down as much as they have been able to lately]
  • are more stable and break down less often [If my laptop is any indication… eek.]
  • are easier to fix when they do break down [If this was true, I wouldn’t have had to necessarily ship it off and wait a while — there might have been someone in town to repair it or I would have at least been able to swap out parts if it was a part that was easily able to be swapped out]
  • have plenty of software available [this is true — including Illustrator among others]
  • are (virtually) free of viruses [just like Linux! *smile*]
  • are cheaper to buy and maintain!! [not really true]

Despite the laptop’s shortcomings, it is prety nice, and I would like it back soon. Right now I’m using my loud, slow IBM laptop that drains batteries in around an hour or so. Luckily, I have a power supply handy.

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3 Responses to “Sour Apple”

  1. Kyle says:

    Laptops are a pain in general

    Especially when it comes to repairs. I recently gave my Vaio to a friend to use while on a business trip. Sure enough the day he arrives at his destination *POOF* the thing dies completely. After calling Sony and then having it sent of for repairs and then waiting 2+ weeks with not a peep from Sony it came back. They fixed quite a few things, replaced several parts, including the hard drive. Interestingly enough they replaced the stock 6GB hard drive with a 30GB, but only listed a 6GB replacment on the packing slip. Maybe those Linux/PHP/Kirkwood etc stickers covering the purty magnesium case got a few bonus points with a tech at the repair center….. Anyway, back on topic. I think laptop repair in general is a slow painfull process when dealing directly with the vendor.

    I don’t currently own any Apple equiptment right now other than my wifes iBook and frankly those statments are mostly true for more average users. I don’t like how Apple is trying to lock down the interface, I don’t find the aqua interface to be all that wonderfull. Then again I like to have little to no window borders and small to nonexistant title bars so I’m not exactly the average user. My wife though, loves her iBook and has proclaimed quite loudly that she’ll never own another pc with Windows on it, that says something to me. Apple has great hardware, there are always going to be a few bad apples in the bunch though (pun not really intended there, but it does fit). You might have gotten a bad laptop, if I remember correctly you bought yours right before they did the big upgrades on the TiBooks, similar to when I ordered my wifes iBook two weeks before they upgraded that entire line. Maybe that has something to do with it. There are a lot of reasons yours might not be up to snuff. I have several friends with TiBooks that love them and never have had any problems with them. In fact I’ll be getting one here shortly (ie when I have enough fricking money saved). Apple hardware is not cheaper, and I think that anyone claiming it is isn’t very good at math. Hrm, I think that covers everything. I’m rambling again though, must be time for bed.

  2. garrett says:


    Yes, true. I haven’t had a laptop that I have really liked yet. The Apple was the closest one before it started acting up again and again (granted that was a short while before bad things started happening).

    My next laptop will be purchased under a completely different set of criteria, whenever that time comes around. I doubt I will be able to find one that exists, unfortunately.

    (I’m thinking small, speedy enough, hi-res screen yet quite small still, large hard drive, silent, and does not even get slightly warm… having a decent keyboard would also be nice.)

  3. Kyle says:

    Small Laptops

    Seem to exclude decent keyboards and low heat. Maybe a laptop with a Transmeta processor. I’d be willing to give up some power for less heat/noise in a small form factor. Luckily I have fiarly thin fingers so a smaller keyboard doesn’t really bother me.