Photos: Cleveland and Umstead

I have posted two new photo sets for your enjoyment.

The first is from my recent vacation, when I travelled to the city of Cleveland. The second is from last Saturday when, despite the rain, I went to Umstead Park anyway.

Both collections of pictures are quite different from one another. Cleveland has tall buildings, groups of food-giving people, prolific statues, and interesting traffic while Umstead has artsy leaves of color, a long-legged spider, a gushing river, and even more interesting leaves.

Cleveland consists of one page which is a contrast to Umstead’s three pages of pictures. Both are great sets filled with tons of great photographs. Have fun browsing the pics.

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6 Responses to “Photos: Cleveland and Umstead”

  1. cjean says:

    A bit dark …

    I like your photographs, but often I feel that it’s a bit too dark.
    Are thoses pics taken with the automatic mode of your wonderful camera ? πŸ˜‰

  2. Ravi Shekhar S says:

    Warning: Unable to execute ‘/home/garrett/bin/jhead /home/garrett/ ‘ in /home/garrett/htdocs/linuxart/photoview.phtml

    I got this error message when I clicked the "even more interesting leaves." link.
    Correct it!

  3. garrett says:

    not an error with the site

    It’s not an error with the site. It’s out of my control. I think the machine is hitting some type of limit, possibly a kernel limit. It cannot execute any more stuff as the apache user, I am guessing. Just a hunch though. It happens on rare occasions. Just wait a bit, and reload… it should correct itself with a little bit of time.

  4. garrett says:

    re: A bit dark …

    No, I don’t shoot in auto-mode with my camera. Some may be dark, others may be light — it depends on the actual exposure. Most all of the photographs should be properly exposed, however.

    I typically don’t alter the images before I post them here. It’s pretty much straight from the camera.

    All in all, they are not dark. Make sure your monitor is calibrated — it sounds like its settings are incorrect. The contrast should be all the way up and the brightness should be at a level where you should be able to tell the difference between the darkest grey and pure black.

    For step-by-step instructions, check out a quick guide on how to calibrate your brightness. Tigert pointed out this particular page on his website, although there are many others on the ‘Net.

  5. dac says:

    gallery comments

    You should implement some commentary feature for your gallery. πŸ™‚ Nice pictures; like know. Your new Canon makes wonderful pictures. I used a lot of your pictures as desktop backgrounds so far. Gee. πŸ™‚

  6. Chuck says:


    Hey Garrett–I didn’t know that you were coming to Cleveland! That’s my hometown! Bummer we couldn’t get together! Hope that you had a groovy time!