Super-size It!

Have a large monitor and/or a fast connection? You can now browse my photos in a super-size.

I have just added the "browse at" size feature to my photo gallery. Now when you’re looking at a picture, you can specify the size of the images when you browse through the pictures. Small is great for low-bandwidth or small monitors. The larger you get, the beefier your monitor and connection must be (else you will have to wait and scroll). As before, the link to download photos remains below the image.

Also notable is the fact that I have just implemented an RSS news feed (you can also find the link on the sidebar).

I will probably implement even more features to my site very soon, too.


One Response to “Super-size It!”

  1. Kyle says:

    Nice touch

    Of course you would have to have a really huge resolution to see the images at the largest size. At 1600×1200 the second largest size fits perfectly at full screen.

    />Just curious though. What resolution are you using exactly? I ran 1920×1440 for a while, but its just too small with many applications any more. Either that or it’s time to get updated glasses. So instead two monitors at 1600×1200 gives me the extra space 😉