On themes, progress

I have started work to overhaul my website at least a little bit. In doing what I have done already (all in a mostly isolated development space), I am realizing that the themes I currently have will hinder efficient progress. I am contemplating the removal of the theme feature in the next revision of the site.

Now, that being said, I would not set up my site in such a way that the ability to select different skins for my site would never make a comeback; it is simply a matter of priority. Would you rather have me flesh out new features, fix bugs, and work on cleaning up the source for this site that I have worked on, in my spare time, for a few years now or is switching themes such a killer feature that I should carefully keep all of the current skins up-to-date with all the changes I make?

Personally, I would rather ditch the skins I have now, archive them, and when I have the site worked on a bit, port them over to the new version. I’m merely asking this to see what you, the readers of my site, think about the topic.

Does anyone use the different themes or does everyone stick with the default? If you do like the themes, which are your favorite? Would you mind the site switching over to an entirely different look and feel, with the possibility of some sort of theme set arriving in the future?

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8 Responses to “On themes, progress”

  1. Josh says:

    Defautl Theme!

    I don’t remember what the default theme is called, but i enjoy it the best out of all of them. And hey, its your site anyway so you should make things as easy as you want. 🙂

  2. Ghostleaf

    About themes, I actually do use them, or ghostleaf that is. But, I don’t you should have the feature in the page code before you have a somewhat nailed page-backend-interface as I can just imagine how much work it is to keep 9 themes up to date.

  3. Anthony says:

    Same problem here…

    I have the same problem with my site. Once I get started on a new theme that requires tweaking of the backend, it’s a big pain to have to re-write the other themes. I want to work on getting the new theme done, but at the same time it’s easier (though annoying) to update the old themes simultaneously, than to try and update them later with the same changes.Personally, I’m starting to think that keeping more than a couple themes up to date isn’t worth the trouble. I typically create a new theme when I’m tired of the current one, so based on that, I’d really rather have my visitors see the new one anyway. And a site that’s constantly changing is an interesting site. But, if you get angry letters from visitors who want the old themes back, then maybe it’s best to keep them around and updated.

  4. Anthony says:

    By the way…

    The "convert new lines to HTML" checkbox didn’t work on my post. I’m using Mozilla 1.2.1 on WinXP. Checked or not, the newlines were not preserved.

  5. Trae says:

    My 2 pennies…

    I think that there really needs to be a bonifide drop in Content tool. I know he is not our favorite person, but Bowie has created a bash based content tool that seems to come the closest to this I’ve seen so far. It seems that, with enough work, something like this could be expanded upon, and made to actually not suck. I am the recipient(sp?) of some of your hard work Garrett, and I appreciate what you’ve done for my site… But I always feel like a slave to the system, and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way for me to manage my content. Web pages, blogs etc… Shouldn’t be difficult to put up and publish. Maybe there are some tools out there to do that, but I’ve not seem them. Also, then you have the whole content issue. I have, mp3’s photos etc… that really need to be dealt with and displayed properly as well. What was I saying again?:)occy

  6. Ravi Shekhar S says:

    Do you mean microblogger ?

    it sucks a little, its like rms’ site more the matter more you have to scroll down…..

    its gives me pain in the neck!

    occy.net is great to see…..to manage I don’t know

  7. Dial_tone says:

    re: themes

    If you do decide to remove themes, any chance of getting the code to replicate that feature on my own site? It’s non-existent currentlybut that’s beside the point.

  8. Kyle says:

    Re: Web Management

    There’s always tools like Editworkspro (www.editworkspro.com) and RTE Editor (*search google*) that make content management very easy.. even if they are only IE based 🙁