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Left-handed camera

Thursday, February 20th, 2003

Wow. A left-handed camera. From the pictures it looks a little less than great — but hey — it’s left-handed!

Somehow I don’t think I will be giving up my D60 for one of these things. *smile*

Pothole city

Thursday, February 20th, 2003

A little bit of snow and a few big ice storms and it seems that Raleigh is going to potholes. There are a ton of these little buggers on the way to work. It’s quite a bumpy ride.

In related news, State Farm and the City of Raleigh argue over the most dangerous intersection in town.

Broken stuff

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Update: Things are no longer broken.

Three cheers for Muks! Hip-hip-hooray! (:

Ice storm pics: Soon!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Just to let you all know, I took pictures of the most recent ice storm. Lots of sleet fell mixed with a bit of snow and also a bit of ice — and I caught the results with my camera.

I should have the photographs up on the site within the next day or two. Check back again soon.

Why nerds are unpopular

Monday, February 17th, 2003

I read an interesting article this evening written by Paul Graham. It is entitled "Why Nerds are Unpopular".

Basically, the author addresses high-school and how various subcultures arise during the teen-aged years, particularly in the United States. He examines the probable causes and details how interactions take place. It is a long piece, but definitely worth reading.

Recent happenings

Sunday, February 16th, 2003

Another ice storm is making its way through Raleigh. It started last night and is continuing until early Monday, according to the weather. Actually, this "storm" is pretty much nothing compared to the force of the previous ice storm that knocked down thousands of trees and killed power for many people in the state. This "ice storm" is more like an ice drizzle.

Speaking of ice storms and what not, I’m sure that there will be more cars showing up in the various body shops in the area. Thankfully, my car is before the queue of these new cars.

"True2Form" called me the other day to let me know that the parts that they were waiting on have finally come in (early), and that I should be getting my car back in two weeks or so.

Also, I got both the USB2/Firewire IDE enclosure and the Knuth book (also early) on Friday. Woo-hoo.

I also went back to the doc and was checked out again. They think it’s mostly muscle pain and not any spinal damage (thankfully). They gave me more prescription drugs to deal with the pain (somewhat), to relax, and to help me sleep better. Fun.

In addition to the medicine, the doctor recommended that I "cut out stress", "relax", "don’t sit for long at all", "change the chair" that I sit in, and some other stuff. I laughed when she mentioned "cut out stress" and "don’t sit for long", as, well, I really can’t aviod those two at work. *grin*

Speaking of work, there is going to be a bunch of cool stuff in the next release. I guess that always goes without saying, right? (:

Photos: Christmas and New Years

Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

I have just posted photographs from both Christmas and New Years. On Christmas day, my sister and I headed to Savannah’s downtown area while I showed her how to use the Canon Elan IIe I gave her.

For New Years, I watched and listened to Trae and his band as I took pictures. My parents, Jeff Alami, Steve Ruff (and his dad), Will Exum, Trae and Mary McCombs, and several others were there at the party. The Interference played almost non-stop to bring in the new year.

Check out: The Christmas Expedition and The New Year’s Party