Someone recently got the idea to embed the classic game "Quake" in Mozilla. I am not making this up.


8 Responses to “Mozquake?”

  1. Mukund says:

    Some people simply have a lot of time on their hands.There’s this project which lets sysadmins kill their processesby shooting at them in a Doom level. It’s a nice new way of visualization. Talking about visualization, I really like the work of a one Mr. Benjamin Fry. If you have watched Minority Report, you can see one of his projects when Tom Cruise first sits down to watch recordings of his son and wife. The panel in front of him shows a visualization of a "reading" of a passage.

    Then there are these themes which make KDE look like Windows XP ditto… what a waste.

  2. bfordham says:


    what I found coolest was the link to wolfenstein 5k

  3. thall0s says:

    O_o * suprised *

    It seems to be a funny project… but i do not see the interests by embed any doom-like in Moz… Anyway it could be a good way to waste time ;-)Perhaps i am idiot and i didnt really get it so can anyone explain me what kinda advantages we all bring outta that ?

  4. bfordham says:

    it’s obvious!

    it’s geeky!what better pickup line can there be than, "Hey baby, I put quake in mozilla"

  5. ravi says:

    XPDE, KDE on LSD 😉

    see written in C++ using Kylix OE

  6. Julian says:

    Crazy Eric Murphy

    So I was looking at the page wondering who in their right mind would want to start a project like that… and then I scroll to the bottom and recognize the name: he’s the friend of mine who work{s|ed} on Jabber for Mozilla… crazy Eric.

  7. SiLiZiUMM says:

    Logical step

    This is the next logical step to include Quake in Mozilla. Eh, you already know that Mozilla already got everything and the kitchen sink ! 🙂

  8. Commentor says:


    This is a comment. I know you said no one was commenting on your site this week so here you go.