Moving to Cary!

I just got a new place in Cary. Not only is it nicer than my current place, it also is cheaper, has more square footage, is in a quiet location, and has both a front yard and back. I can plant a garden. I can get a kitten. I can actually get sleep without neighbors screaming, blasting music and my rest will not be interrupted by riced-out cars blaring down the road right behind me like at my current location.

I will be moving in this next week. I will probably start relocating stuff starting today. Yippie.


5 Responses to “Moving to Cary!”

  1. pseudo says:


    Moving into a nicer place is always good. Congrats. Just wish I was there to help you move. Moving your stuff alone sucks.

  2. Amy says:


    Don’t worry – in case you didn’t know, Garrett has just about no furniture! This is going to be the easiest move I’ve ever particiapted in.

  3. Garrett says:


    I do too have some furniture. In fact, I have about 1/5th of it moved now since I brought a bean bag and a stack chair over to my new place this morning. *smile*

  4. Allea says:

    I don’t think milk crates count as furniture.

  5. pseudo says:


    I can’t stop laughing.