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Journey through the center of the Earth

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003

Scientific American has an interesting little article about falling through a theoretical tunnel that goes from one side of the Earth to the other. If you’re wondering how many minutes it takes to make the trip, wonder no longer. The answer is 42. (Douglas Adams would be proud.)

Mmm… Tea

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003

After arriving home from work, I made (and drank) some tea and now I’m feeling much better.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not have SARS

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003

Several people around the office today (and with a little less frequency the two days prior) have heard about me being sick. Everywhere around the office I walk, they’re saying, "Gee, Garrett. I hope you’re feeling better. I hope you’re going to be fine again soon. I hope you don’t have SARS!"

I’m feeling generally mopey, with a headache. When I stand and walk around, I’m a bit dizzy. I have not been able to eat much. I’m also extremely tired and have been requiring lots of sleep over the past few days.

This thing (whatever it is) hit me last Saturday evening. Yesterday I made lots of improvement and today I am doing even better. I know a couple other people who shared the same symptoms, and they’re both better now. Making an educated guess, I would surmise that I should be recovered within the next day or two. We’ll see.

Update: Check out SARS in the news if you’re interested in the breaking headlines on that sickness.

“Freedom Beer” — a reverse boycott?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003

My friend Stan is suggesting what he calls "a reverse boycott of Britain". How do you contribute to this? Only buy their beer.

(The irony is that I’m posting about his wacky idea and I don’t drink.)

Update: "The Capitalist Lion" is supporting Stan’s idea and has more fodder to help out your anti-ban.

Top ten most dangerous intersections

Saturday, April 19th, 2003

State Farm has a list of the 10 most dangerous intersectons in the USA. Strangely enough, I have driven through every one of the interestions listed within the past few years, not knowing that each is considered an insurance disaster in waiting.

Hold the button

Saturday, April 19th, 2003

It’s a timer, but you have to hold the button. Silly, useless, and an Internet sensation. (But doesn’t "silly" and "useless" pretty much explain most Internet sensations?)

Stuff for cheap

Friday, April 18th, 2003

Here are a few links to buys stuff for cheap on the Internet:

  •,, — all the same website, basically, but with different targets
  • Epinions, where you can read contributed reviews and search various other sites for cheap prices
  • dealnews and dealmac are sister sites that bring you the latest info when it comes to deals, coupons, and sales on other sites
  • Pricewatch is great for finding nice prices on computer equipment
  • PriceGrabber is another comparison shopping site
  • Froogle is Google’s play on the word "frugal", and it is a search engine of cheap prices on products, in the style of Google

A few websites that I have found to have relatively cheap prices and have been trustworthy for me (so far) are (technology stuff), NewEgg (computer stuff), and B&H Photo & Video (photography and videophotography).

Of course, there are always sites like eBay and, which are more along the lines of Internet auction websites, but you can often find good deals if you know what you’re looking for and happen to be lucky. (:

Have some happy shopping! Hopefully this info will save you a few bucks.

If you have any ‘Net buying tips (or suggestions for other sites), then feel free to post a comment on this news item.