Don’t forget your power cord

When you go out of town, remember your laptop’s power adapter before you are a few hundred miles away. D’oh. If I’m lucky I might be able to pick up an extra here in town for $100 or so — tomorrow (again, if I am lucky). Sigh.

Update: As of 9:00 Monday morning (the very minute the store opened), I have two power cords for my laptop. It was $79.00 + tax, which ended up being around $84. Woo-hoo. (:


5 Responses to “Don’t forget your power cord”

  1. Kevin says:


    Yep I did that 2 times…..Thank god for Gateway stores. I usualy buy Dell laptops. But in a pinch I got a Gateway at a local GW shop. Dual boots RH9 and XP ( XP is for the modem), its wireless, Minicom console (to set up new routers and SUN/Linux boxes for customers) Burns CDs, Playes DVDs, all sorts of geekie goodness. Yet some how, usless w/out power cord. Humm… So the Gateway Stores are good in a pinch, but make sure you have their 800 # stored on your cell 😉

  2. Garrett says:


    Yeah. This is for my Mac. There is a local Apple reseller here in the area that I will hit up first thing tomorrow morning (Monday), when they reopen.

    I brought my Mac with me for a couple reasons: In case I need to use Illustrator and also because it not only has more memory (1/2 a gig versus 128 megs of ram), but also can hold a lot more on its hard drive (as it is quite a bit larger). I intend on taking photos, so having more space is a very good thing.

    A new adapter for the (currently) powerless Powerbook costs around $100, give or take. I’ve seen it anywhere from around $80 all the way to $140. Let’s hope it’s around $80 or so at the store (or less; that would be nice).

    The side effect of this may be that I can leave one at home and one in the bag and plug my laptop in with ease when I get home.

  3. Mukund says:

    MNG title image

    Garrett, just a quick thought:Since the title PNG breaks anyway on IE, how about you try an animated MNG title image with a good effect? I would like artists like you, jimmac, and tigert to promote the use of MNG on your websites.

  4. Garrett says:

    PNG w/ IE

    Actually, the PNG should work in Internet Explorer for Windows. (I even enabled the transparency w/ a CSS actions hack). However, on IE for the Mac, it doesn’t display correctly — I’m not sure why (I’ll have to look into it more).

    I’ll have to look into MNGs for my website title. It should be interesting.

  5. Mukund says:

    You are right. I had tried it w/ IE on a PowerBook.