Trip destination?

I may go on a trip here in the oncoming months. Do any of you have any suggestions for a place to go where it would be nice to shoot pictures? I want to try to keep the trip pretty cheap, so driving probably makes the most sense.

My mom suggested Florida. This trip will most likely be in mid Summer, so I would suspect that everything will be crowded.

If I do wind up going to Florida, do any of you have any good suggestions on where to go? If I travel down to the Florida Keys, might that be a good place to stay?

Do any of you have any other suggestions other than the sunny southern panhandle state?


7 Responses to “Trip destination?”

  1. Trae McCombs says:

    Naples FL…

    Heh, My brother-in-law just moved down there. He graduated from Law school and is starting a new job there. You could go and get pictures of their house so the family could finallly see what their new house looks like 😉 -Trae

  2. Trae McCombs says:

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    You know, I do have an email address you can send these off-topic concerns to… (:

  4. Trae McCombs says:

    much better #1

    Fix it you have, please… I am.

  5. Greg Sanders says:


    I hear the Keys are amazing, and you could always go through the Everglades on your way there or back. When are you thinking of going?

  6. Kyle Maxwell says:

    Trip thoughts

    You’re in North Carolina, right? I’d think there’s a lot of nice photo opportunities in Washington, DC (monuments lit up at night, etc.) Failing that, how about the Great Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Mountains? Sometimes vacations close to home are the most interesting.

  7. Chris [flip] says:


    dude, Disney. EOL.