Photo gallery facelift

I have updated my photo gallery‘s display a little bit. The gallery update was brought to you today by overcast weather and a fifty percent chance of rain.

I will probably update various parts of my site over the course of today, which may also include more photo gallery improvements and such.


7 Responses to “Photo gallery facelift”

  1. Terry says:

    Nice facelift

    The facelift looks good, the gallery looks a little more cleaner. The photos are laid out nicely too. Good job!

  2. Ryan Zygar says:


    Dude that is smoking. Look’s great! I like the way it looks across all platforms. By the way your site finally renders in safari fine. Remember the cache issue? Well since Gold Release on Monday things are fine…

  3. Claes Nasten says:


    Yeah, the layout of the gallery is nice but I very much do not like the colors. :/ Why aren’t the photos page matching the rest of the site?

  4. different theme

    Well, I made it use a different theme from the rest of the site. The idea is that I will eventually bring back themes to the main part of my site and that I don’t want it to affect the gallery too much. (Imagine if I changed it so that there was light text on a dark background, including links. In my photo gallery, things might not be legible if I don’t have it the right colors, if I set the background color myself (a medium grey).)

  5. Rob says:


    Just FYI… When you click a larger image, there’s an extra quote that gets appended to the end that breaks it. Otherwise, it’s a very nice gallery. When’s the release date? đŸ™‚

  6. Claes Nasten says:


    Ehh, why don’t you just make the gallery themed in the same fashion as the rest of the site? Maybe I’ve missunderstood things a bit or something but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. ( maybe it’s because I’m tired :/ )

  7. it is possible.

    Maybe I’ll make it sort-of match the default for my site. When I introduce themes again, it should probably just look similar to the default instead of being themed.