Cube relocation

Today was my moving day at work. I received an email this morning which asked if I could relocate my stuff to another cube. There was a new person hired and he should fit in best where I was sitting. Also, I would probably fit in better in my new location, so I was asked to move. It made sense.

I am now located closer to the people I work with more on a day-to-day basis. The downside of this fact is that I will probably not get as much exercise walking back and forth a few dozen times per day. The upside is that it will be easier to be a bit more interactive in the process of doing stuff. I think I will also be one of the first to know when it is time for the developer lunch groups to head out for food.

It’s not the ultimate cubicle (article), but it should be fun.

Oh — as a result of the move, my new cube is nice, tidy, and organized.

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4 Responses to “Cube relocation”

  1. good ol cube moves

    In my first 6 months at my current job I was moved 7 times, including one move that lasted less than a day. Now I’ve been in my currently place for a while, and it happens to be the place I stayed for just a few hours…

    Ever seen the Dilbert cartoon where they dress everyone up as pawns and move them around? 8)

    Also, moving is the best way to clean your cube.

  2. Trae McCombs says:

    Organized for now…

    Heh, But if I know my boy Garrett, he’ll have it nice and sloppy in no time!!! ;)/me runs like heck.

    I got tired of dependancy heck with RH.. 🙁

    ps. I’m running Debian now Garrett… and it’s sooo nice to be back with apt. Too bad they had to make the RH network stuff cost money and stuff. Puts us poor people out of the running for using it.

  3. garrett says:


    Yes, it’s a shame that apt for RPMS on Red Hat does not exist, huh?

    Plus, it’s a also a shame that free demo accounts for Red Hat Network don’t exist too, right?


    I saw about your efforts on even getting X to work correctly on Debian in IRC. I bet they still don’t have the sound card set up for you by default. (Just a guess; I could be wrong now.)

  4. rc

    Also shame that you can’t run Red Carpet along with your apt (even having a nice CLI) on RH. 😉