Brain itch? It may be an earworm!

Killer earworms are best explained as those songs that get stuck in your head and keep repeating over and over. The BBC has more to say on the topic and is also aliasing it as a "brain itch".

The first link has a list of songs that, when read, may trigger your own little personal earworm. There is some interesting stuff about Mozart in the second story however. (:

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2 Responses to “Brain itch? It may be an earworm!”

  1. My earworm

    76 trombones, I forgot the words, with 110 cornets right behind. They were followed by rows and rows of the something virtuosos, something something of every shape and kind!

    110 cornets caught the morning sun, while 76 trombones led the way. Then I finally took my place as the one and only bass, and I forgot the very last line!

  2. Garrett says:

    76 Trombones

    Ah, that memorable song from The Music Man.