Bringing Flash to Linux

I just found an interesting article about running Flash on Linux, using CodeWeaver’s CrossOver Office.

It’s not perfect, but it’s interesting to see how far along Wine has come.


3 Responses to “Bringing Flash to Linux”

  1. sparrow_hawk says:

    Flash on Linux

    You probably already know about this, but there is a Linux-native version of the Flash player (clicking on the download link takes you to the correct page for your OS). This site even has packages for Fedora Core 1! Flash for Linux either it’s a sign that Linux is going mainstream or that the end of the world is at hand.

  2. Flash for Linux

    Yup; I know there is a native Flash player for Linux. In fact, I posted that fact to one of the Fedora lists I am on.

    Thanks for pointing it out to people who may not know, though. (:

  3. claudio says:

    Macromedia Flash MX on Fedora Core 1

    Hello.This is just to let you know that today I have MM Flash MX running on Fedora Core 1. It works. It runs, exports, plays and does everything it is supposed to do, except that it does on a better OS. BTW: Fedora is sooooo lovely.Ciao.