2004: Year of Linux?

eWeek declares 2004 as the "Year of Linux". Deja Vu.

More "Years of Linux":

The fabled "Year of Linux" has happened every year since 1998 really. Even 2003 has also been considered the "Year of Linux".

May there be many more years of Linux (and other Open Source / Free Software projects) too. (:

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One Response to “2004: Year of Linux?”

  1. […] Clearly, Windows is standard not because it is the best or the easiest, but because it has historically had the largest population of users, estimated at somewhere between 90% and 97% of the total computer market. This population’s self-perpetuating effect is illustrated when parents interested in buying a computer for a college-bound son choose a Windows machine because it is standard on the college’s computer labs. You can’t really fault the parents because their choice is based on a desire for the most compatible experience for the child. With these factors occuring outside of the software itself, Linux must not get distracted by minscule gains in a quixotic quest for desktop dominance . Linux as an idea should strive to be above that. […]