My Macless weekend, thus far

Well, I’m spending this weekend without my Mac PowerBook, so that means I have to make the trek to the office whenever I need to do any vector stuff (instead of telecommute), explaining why I was there this Saturday for several hours.

I got enough done so that I could come back home and work from my IBM laptop, though. (:

While at work, I tried to listen to Christmas music but discovered that most of the streams I could find were all synthpop holiday music on weak connections that would time out every couple of minutes — not what I was looking for. What happened to all of the Christmas carols and hymns? Also, does anyone know of a good Christmas station? (:


4 Responses to “My Macless weekend, thus far”

  1. Trae McCombs says:

    Just begging…

    Sounds like Garrett is begging for The Interference to do "Christmas, Baby please come home", or "Christmas, War is over" covers. heh.

  2. Brian J. Woods says:

    Christmas Stream

    I will be doing a Christmas Stream when I finish my finals. Which will be this upcoming friday. I will have a wide variety of favorites. I do it every year. Icecast for those who ask =).

  3. kreg Steppe says:


    I found a few at have to save the .pls files to my hd then open them with xmms)