Mac back. Send again?

Well, I got my Mac back again. It has an all-new screen, motherboard, hard drive, and other stuff too… but the battery still has issues with reporting and does not last too long. In addition, everything randomly crashes. I get kernel faults with crash dialogs, even just starting things (even various Apple stock software) up on a fresh 10.3 install. Fun.

Do I have to send it off yet again?

I guess I’m headed back to the Apple store tomorrow. Again.

I think the people down there know me by name at this point. *Sigh*

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4 Responses to “Mac back. Send again?”

  1. jeff says:


    My friend just got a new Apple G5 (with the 23" flat screen *drool*) and he had problems with it randomly locking up and crashing too. The Apple store also tried to replace every single part until they just finally gave up and gave him a new one. It’s really a shame since most everybody loves macs and the detail that goes into their design and engineering.

  2. Ryan M. Williams says:


    I bought a new AlPowerBook back in September. After a while i noticed the infamous "white spot" issue and finally called AppleCare on Monday. I sent it to them on Tuesday and I just checked and it is already on it’s way back (should be here tomorrow hopefully with a replaced screen. Other than this and a faulty power brick i had on an old ibook, i have never really had any real issues. It seems you just got a lemon. Hopefully they will go ahead and just give you a new one for the hassle can stop. Keep us posted.Ryan

  3. very…weird

    I would send it back and tell them to do a test on it…then just have them send you a new one 😀 Either way, whether they check it or not, you will probably get a new computer out of the deal anyways. Besides, you think they actually post the "HANDLE WITH CARE" sticker where everyone can see it? It probably got dropped 6 or 7 times in shipping. 😉

  4. r00t says:


    i had a 12" powerbook that worked fine, except the battery, i bought it new for a little over $3800 (Canadian) and the battery was dead from day one, it only lasted 2 hours on a FULL charge, and i had a thinkpad 600x that lasted 4-5 hours on a single charge… wtf 🙁 i wasn’t thinking when i bought the powerbook